do you ever just sit there and realize that you mean nothing to anyone and you start feeling like shit

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some girls dress so well. i’m never sure whether i want their clothes on me or on my bedroom floor.


pickup line: wanna watch this murder documentary with me?

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I want my daughter to shudder when I talk about the time I grew up in. I want my son to say “Was it really as bad as that?” when I speak about injustice. I want my child to curl up in my lap and whisper, “But people didn’t know better back then, right mommy?”

Because I want to say, “No, they didn’t, did they? Things are much better now, don’t worry.”

But I’m terrified that if we keep picking our teeth with the bones of our neighbors, there won’t even be a future.

"What do you see the world being like in the future?" /// r.i.d